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Caroline Reid


United Kingdom

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“When I get asked by my family to describe the course I am doing my usual response is that I study the science of horses, everything from the way they move and interact with the ground, the food they eat and require to the genetics that make them so unique and fascinating.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every breeding and reproduction module that the course has covered. I particularly enjoyed the genetics module I studied in during my final year. I think it’s just so cool.

“If you love horses, are prepared to work hard and like biology, then this is the course for you. It makes you look at horses and the equine industry in a different way to how you might have perceived it before.

“The course leaders are all incredible. They are always there to talk to about anything. They make you feel included and like a big family.

“It’s amazing to be a student in Nottingham. I feel like this is my home now. There are so many different clubs, bars, pubs and activities to do and so many beautiful places to see.

“I joined the mixed hockey club in my third year and I am so glad I plucked up the courage and joined. I’ve made so many friends and feel like it has enhanced my student experience.

“My dream is to work within equine genetics, but I’m not entirely sure how I am going to get there yet. There are so many things that I have learnt during my time at NTU that could be transferred to anything such as lab skills, problem solving skills and presentation skills to name but a few.”

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