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Catherine Di Martino Cooke

Di Martino Cooke

United Kingdom

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“The BSc (Hons) Zoo Biology course covers a wide variety of aspects from the anatomy of the body to the behaviour of a variety of animals. Not everything is about the animals as we also learn about the legislation and the effort that goes into designing a suitable environment for captive animals.

“I chose to study this course to gain the knowledge and experience I would need to be able to progress within the animal industry and work with a variety of animals that I could only dream of working with.

“I enjoy the behaviour module the most as it fascinates me how intelligent the animals are and how diverse the behaviours are across all species.

“If you want a course that is not only going to educate you on topics you love but give you the confidence and experience to get into the field and work with all your favourite animals, then this is the course for you.

“I am currently planning my placement. I am using Global Vision International (GVI) who I spoke to when they visited Brackenhurst Campus. This allows me to volunteer worldwide, and get hands on experience whilst being in a safe environment.

“One thing all students can agree on is that the tutors are really passionate and experienced in what they teach. They will give you advice based on their experiences and truly want to see all of their students thrive.

“I am dyslexic with dyspraxic tendencies, and was diagnosed through the help of the university. I was then able to get a grant to provide me with software on my laptop that can aid in my learning and assignments. Because of this I also get one to one sessions to go through my assignments and make sure I gain the correct understanding of what the brief is asking from me. This gives me the confidence to do my assignment without doubting that I have done it wrong.

“I previously studied the BTEC Animal Management course at Brackenhurst and loved how relaxed the campus was. I didn’t even consider going anywhere else when it came to looking at universities as I knew they wouldn’t be as relaxed as things are here.

“Being a student here is amazing. The facilities are great and the students are always working with each other to better the student life and campus even further for future students.

“When I graduate I would like to work in a zoo for a short period before travelling and being able to help conservation efforts hands-on in the heart of the natural environments."

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