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Evangeline Evans


Course studied: MRes Applied Anthrozoology

We now offer: MRes; MSc Animal Health and Welfare

United Kingdom

More about Evangeline

“During my BSc in Animal Biology at NTU I completed a module in Anthrozoology and fell in love with the topic. I found it so interesting and new that I even completed my dissertation on relating topics. My lecturer, Dr Jacqueline Boyd, made the lectures so engaging and inspiring that I wished to continue my learning.

“The MRes Applied Antrozoology course is all about learning and understanding the relationship between humans and animals, highlighting the benefits and welfare/ethical issues. The course is divided into four modules, including an independent project, which allows you to go off and collect your own data and research on something you are passionate about.

“There are a wide variety of people involved in the course and all of the students have different backgrounds, which brings interesting opinions on certain topics. We also complete a statistics module, which will be advantageous to future careers.

“This course lets you focus on topics you are passionate about and you can apply this to all of the different module assignments.

“When I graduate, I wish to pursue a career in training animals, especially dogs, in assisting humans for medical purposes. Everything I have learnt, both personally and educationally, will be transferable to my future career.”

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