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George Smailes


United Kingdom
The University’s reputation as one of the best modern universities influenced my decision to attend.

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“The BSc (Hons) Environmental Science course combined subjects I took for A-level one step further, so seemed like a natural progression. The University’s reputation as one the best modern universities influenced my decision to attend. Sporting opportunities available at Trent, also allowed me to study while continuing to pursue sport.

“Some of the modules I am currently taking include, Innovations in Energy which is looking at current and future technologies that are being used to help decrease the need for traditional electricity supply. This has been interesting and asks you to plan a real solution to a potential investment using what has been learnt.

“Environmental Assessment and Management is my option this year and looks into the processes and ways an environment needs to be evaluated before work occurs on it. There have been a number of external speakers from industry that have come in to give lectures which provides a look at how this module is transferable to real life.

“I enjoyed the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) module in 2nd year. This involved a trip to the peak district to collect data on the depth of peat across an area of the Peak District. Using this we created 3D GIS maps of the area, showing areas suitable for agriculture. This was particularly interesting and is an extremely transferable skill into industry.

“My tutor has been incredibly supportive and has always had our best interests at the front of his mind. Whether that's being in one-to-one tutorials or on the field trip to Spain, they’ve been there to steer us in the right direction.

“I liked the fact Nottingham was a big city, I decided early on that would be the kind of place I wanted to study. The bus route from the city gave me the ability to get to the Brackenhurst Campus each day. The level of Trent’s sport was also a factor which affected my choice to come here.

“Outside of my studies I am part of the Men’s Rugby Union team. I’d recommend anyone thinking about going to University to join a club or society as it is one of the best aspects of life here.

“When I graduate I intend to get a job in a relevant field, potentially after a year travelling, using the skills I’ve learnt here. There is a large emphasis on practical application of learning and how it can be used in future jobs.”

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