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Mark Baxter


United Kingdom
Being a student here is great, I live in the city and commute to Brackenhurst which gives me the best of both worlds.

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“Having always had a keen interest in the outdoors and the environment around me, physical geography lent itself perfectly to my interests. The facilities at Brackenhurst were spot on, the rural setting along with the modern facilities grabbed me instantly.

“Being a student here is great, I live in the city and commute to Brackenhurst which gives me the best of both worlds. There is never a dull moment living in the city, there is a great nightlife with plenty of clubs and bars and during the day in the contemporary area of Hockley you’ll find trendy cafes, restaurants and vintage clothes shops. Studying at Brackenhurst allows you to escape the city and learn in a quiet, rural but nevertheless very modern environment.

“This course teaches far more than what you may expect from physical geography. There is a blend with human geography giving greater breadth of knowledge on how the physical and human environment interact and the issues this can create.

“The course also includes lots of practical work both with IT such as the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) module, but also fieldwork, especially on the Spain field trip and other regular trips to the Peak District. The GIS modules are mentally stimulating and teach a range of very employable skills.

“If you have an interest in the physical environment and its relationship with human influences and impacts this course would suit you well. There are always seats available in the library as well as private group study areas, the lecture rooms are light and airy, and you are spoilt for choice on places to buy good food and drink.

“The course tutors are friendly and approachable, always willing to help and push you to reach your potential. It is clear to see their passion for the subject and it quickly rubs off on to you. Regular course meetings help to keep you on track and give the opportunity to ask any questions, whether course related or general.

“I knew very little about the city before coming having only visited once, however from that visit I began to feel right at home. The city is compact with everything you need being central, making things a little less daunting. The transport networks are fantastic, buses are exceptionally frequent and reliable and make for a cost effective way to travel with a student bus card.

“It didn’t take me long to settle in at all. Within the first few days I has formed a close bond with my flatmates who have become my best friends. The Spain trip held in the first term was brilliant, everyone on the course started to relax with each other and it really brought the group together.

“Outside of my studies I am part of the athletics club which is a very large and inclusive society, whether you want to compete, run for fitness, or simply have a great laugh at the socials. It’s the perfect way to widen your friendship group and the exercise allows you to clear your head and reset your thoughts when the work starts to pile up.

“I haven’t yet decided exactly what I want to do when I graduate, however I have learnt an extensive range of skills that could be applied to an equally extensive range of careers. One of the most employable skills is experience using GIS which has a wide breadth of applications. The modules are well designed teaching us IT, statistical and hands-on fieldwork skills amongst others.”

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