Ajet Durici



United Kingdom
The teaching is very good at NTU, when you show drive there will always be support.

More about Ajet

On graduating from the university, Ajet secured a position at Balfour Beatty - Gammon JV in Singapore.

Tell us about your graduate role in Singapore

"I got the role through the fantastic CADBE recruitment team (Ruth Osborne in particular) so NTU is the reason I’ve got this fantastic opportunity. On my team here in Singapore there are four graduates from NTU, two project engineers, one senior engineer and a project manager.

"At the moment I’m part of the Tender team, we’re putting together a bid for a whole new underground line. This is difficult as you have to read through many documents and go through countless drawings to build a picture of what’s required and try to price. Due to the fact the team here is very fluid it means I’m working on aspects that back in the UK I would not have the chance to see until much later in my career.

“It’s been very interesting having the opportunity to work in a place that is so different to the UK, it helps development because you’re out of your comfort zone. Being in Singapore is great because it allows you to travel SE Asia very easily. It is a safe, well-structured country and they speak English (Singlish!). This has been a fantastic opportunity and I feel fortunate to have had it. Work has been very diverse and I’ve had the opportunity to work with people from many specialities.”

What did you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

“I enjoyed my time at NTU and made some lifelong friends. I enjoyed the course and felt that there was a good mixture of theoretical and practical work. The facilities were great and I enjoyed being able to use a (very expensive) laser scanner for my dissertation. This helped me to gain an edge early on in my career as not many people have a great understanding of them. The teaching is very good at NTU, when you show drive there will always be support.

“We went on a surveying field course in year one. That was very helpful in terms of understanding surveying, which gave me a head start on my placement where a large part of my day was surveying work. Graduates, especially in contracting, are expected to be heavily involved in surveying work therefore I think the surveying field course is a great aspect of the course and should be continued.

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