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United Kingdom
It’s a great opportunity. Not many universities offer the chance to play for a professional club.

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Alex is a second year BSc (Hons) Real Estate student who combines his studies with his professional rugby commitments at Nottingham Rugby. Alex was recently selected for England Counties u20s squad for their tour of Russia.

How did you become involved with Nottingham Rugby?

"I secured my place at NTU but was then in Australia when the initial scholarship trials were; that’s when a lot of the boys first got selected for Nottingham Rugby. I emailed Neil Fowkes [Directory of Rugby at NTU and Forwards Coach at Nottingham Rugby] with my rugby CV asking if there was any opportunities and he called me up and got me involved in the pre-season here. I was offered a scholarship this year [second year].

“I was with Harlequins academy until I was aged 17. I then went to county and played for London South East and got to the reserves for Club and Schools. I then took a year out before coming to NTU and went over to Australia to play rugby out there, I went to Brisbane and spent four months in an academy with the University of Queensland.

Tell us a bit more about how you balance your rugby and your studies.

“When we don’t have lectures or seminars we’ve got to be at Nottingham Rugby for training. We also train for NTU on Mondays and Fridays and generally have a game on a Wednesday. It is quite a lot to do to continuously go from on to another but it is enjoyable.

“The understanding between the two is there so you can pop in and go to a gym session and train with the club, and then come back into university the same day. And there’s always the opportunity to catch up with it online with lectures so that’s not always an issue. Neil Fowkes has really worked hard to build that relationship and ensure that the academics are keeping up with the training schedules.

Does your involvement at the club benefit the NTU rugby team?

“I think it does help the NTU team. All the boys are good players at NTU as well, we have a strong team this year and we’re excited for the season. It’s a great opportunity. Not many universities offer the chance to play for a professional club. You couldn’t really ask for much more, and the amount of players doing the same as I am shows how good the link is with the club.

Why Real Estate at NTU?

“My father’s involved in property so I asked if he’d have a look at it with me, and he assured me of the quality of the course. There’s loads of modules that give you such a wide base of knowledge, which is really useful. I wanted to do something I was interested in, that’s what university’s about, and I thought of Real Estate straight away so I am excited to see what my future holds.

"Most of the modules I enjoyed last year, especially construction and economics. We're going on a trip to Berlin which I'm pretty excited for. Looking at other similar courses it’s clear that they don’t offer as much as they do here at NTU."

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