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Alhareth Elshibani
I studied my undergraduate degree here therefore I already knew the great reputation of the university.

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Why did you choose to study at NTU?

“I went on to study a postgraduate course to help increase my chances of obtaining a job, but also to further my understanding within the field of engineering, more specifically in structural engineering.

“Having studied here for the past three years, I have managed to develop a fantastic relationship with all the lecturers and support staff here. The university is considered to be a great experience and taking in consideration that the university has offered a 25% discount of fees for all alumni students is another reason why I chose NTU.

“I studied my undergraduate degree here therefore I already knew the great reputation of the university. I have established my own experiences in the past three years on campus and I believe that NTU has fantastic image.

Why did you choose MSc Structural Engineering with Management?

“MSc (Hons) Structural Engineering with Management has offered both areas of interest which are structural engineering and management, it is great to have that technical understanding with managerial aspect. Which there is no doubt is very important in construction.

“The course is one of the only ones found in the UK, and also a great advantage is there are fewer students studying in the postgraduate degree meaning there is a good relationship developed between lecturers and students.

“The course will definitely benefit me after finishing my course as I will be able to apply for graduate opportunities at reputable companies that require a master’s degree to just apply. Also, by studying at postgraduate level I have the potential to further my studies even more by studying at PhD level.”

How did you find studying at NTU?  

“I was very delighted to continue my Masters at NTU, my overall experience here was excellent. The facilities at NTU are great, clean, and improving continuously. I built great relationships with all of my lecturers and to this day I still contact them. In terms of social life, NTU has a wide variety of clubs and societies – I played for the NTU volleyball team, practised table tennis, went to the veggie only society, and debated in the debating society. Furthermore, I was able to visit different sites, such as our visit to the sewage treatment plant, the oldest water station and the London engineering exhibition, where I learnt many things.”

Why would you recommend NTU and your course?

“I would strongly recommend NTU for anyone who is looking to have a great multicultural experience, interested in specific hobbies or sport, or wants to live in an excellent environment. Also, for all civil engineers wanting to further their academic qualification, this course will provide you with extra technical knowledge related to structural engineering, and better reporting skills and research abilities.”

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