Amelia Baxter



United Kingdom
We visited sites which are extremly important for our work. The trips are paid for by the University and enhance our learning.

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Why NTU?

"I applied for this course because it looked really interesting and there’s a lot of scope to the learning. You don't just study design, but the business and research aspects that go alongside. It sets you up to go into a wide range of architecture roles.

"We've had site visits which are extremely important for our work as it makes what we're doing tangible. It puts everything into context, and we're responsible for ensuring we collect all the relevant information needed. The trips are paid for by the University and enhance our learning, giving us a real life perspective.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

"The facilities are excellent. We've got our own postgraduate study room, which is really important. The computer software is up-to-date and there are always computers available. The technicians in the workshop are extremely helpful and always seem to have the answer to any question!

"This course is definitely a good way of gaining experience and learning new techniques. It enhances your skills, but you have to be prepared to put the work in! A Masters gives you an edge when you're applying for a job.

"I've enjoyed every bit of it so far and would recommend it to anyone. I didn't come from an architectural background and I've learnt a lot more now than I did during my undergraduate degree and I feel my skills have progressed a lot."

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