Ben Price



United Kingdom
The tutors are constantly finding ways to keep improving and innovating, be it through new kinds of projects or through pushing new technologies.

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Winner: RIBA Part 1 East Midlands award 2017

Graduate company: Benoy

How did you find studying at NTU?

"Studying at NTU was a great experience, if not a challenging one. The tutors were fantastic and the facilities are surprisingly beyond what other universities have to offer. It does, however, definitely come down to putting more in to get more out, which as cliché as it sounds is more true than I'd thought. The workshop alone stands testament to this. I basically lived there for my final year, opening up my ideas and pushing my creativity to new limits.

Did you go on any trips one your course?

"In our third year we went to Rotterdam for our final project. It was a fantastic architectural exploration which exposed us all to so many different approaches for design.We got to visit a series of sites for our projects, but also got tours around renowned architectural studios and exciting new buildings. The trip was fundamental to the project but it also made a huge impact on the way that I worked and how I perceived architecture. Our tutors had been pushing us to go abroad to work and travel for a long time, but it was this trip that solidified the idea in my mind.

Would you recommend NTU and your course?

"I would absolutely recommend NTU and studying on my course. In the three years that I spent at NTU, I saw so much change. The tutors are constantly finding ways to keep improving and innovating, be it through new kinds of projects or through pushing new technologies and I have no doubt that this is continuing to happen. Its an exciting and fast paces course to be a part of.

What are your favourite aspects of your current role?

"Within my role as an assistant I am becoming more and more involved with the wider design team of the project that I am working on. I find the collaboration between our practice and the wider consulting team to be a lot of fun, albeit challenging at times. However it is the idea that what we are designing is actually going to be built and put into the real world for people to use and experience which is, for me, the best part of my job.

How did you manage to attain the role you are currently working in? 

"I actually got offered my job as a result of our final year Degree Show. We converted our entire studio into a giant exhibition of our final year work and had guests from industry visiting it. Whilst considering the job, I stayed in contact with my tutors, who I discussed the role with and gained advice and support from."

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