Danny Lynch



United Kingdom
The highlight was winning the Chartered Society of Designers award.

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Why NTU?

"The quality of some of the final year pieces I had seen was what made me choose to study at NTU. During my time here, I most enjoyed witnessing the quality of some of the technicians in the workshop and getting the opportunity in final year to basically create whatever I wanted. The highlight was winning the Chartered Society of Designers award. It was literally was a huge surprise, I had no idea about the award until the tutors chose me.

"All and staff at the university are great, always very supportive. For me the course was great! It offered a frame work was provided for me to work within but I still felt very free to explore my interests. I did a lot of student ambassador work so I spent a lot more time with administrators and technicians from all over the university and was able to build up a great rapport which made my whole learning experience much more enjoyable."

Tell us about your Chartered Society of Designers award win.

"I think I won the award for the entire years' worth of work. For my minor project I wanted to produce a product that could be mass manufactured so I designed a sheet metal folded lamp that could be posted through the letter box and was very cheap to produce. And my major project was all about the process of casting aluminium, all I wanted was to gain a good understanding of the process and use the knowledge gained to produce a piece of furniture which ended up being a desk."

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