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The course staff are really passionate and highly involved in giving you the support you need and also encouraging you to push yourself to improve

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Winner: Starpack 2015 Starpack Best in Show and Silver Award

Why NTU?

"I would recommend the course because of the range of skills I have gained, from learning to properly sketch and communicate my ideas professionally through computer-aided-design, to understanding more technical knowledge including hydraulics and gearing mechanisms. This has made me a more versatile designer and given me the knowledge to undertake a broader range of briefs. Also, it taught me to apply to both conventional product design jobs but also more technical and engineering based jobs."

"The course staff are really passionate and highly involved in giving you the support you need and also encouraging you to push yourself to improve. Both the senior lecturers and the workshop technicians all want to do their best to help you in whatever you are doing."

"The facilities are amazing. The workshops available to students are fully kited out to make sure you can complete any practical challenge. As well as the technician’s knowledge of their fields means if you have any doubts about the practicality of an idea they are always willing to offer their opinions in order to enhance the end result."

Tell us about the 2015 Starpack Awards.

"I was entered into the 2015 Starpack Awards, a European packaging competition for which I won a Silver Award for in my category and also the Best in Show Award (Champion Award). The competition is a European packaging competition open from first year to graduating students. There were seven briefs to choose from, each with different sponsors, and if your idea was considered good enough to be entered it would be."

"The most interesting aspect was the constraints imposed by the brief. It had to be made from corrugated cardboard and it had to follow non-packaging product currently made from another material e.g. plastic. These constraints create an interesting challenge to pursue."

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