Felicity Goodenough



United Kingdom
The three years you spend studying on campus allow you to be as creative and explorative as you want to be.

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Placement / Graduate company: FITCH (London)

Tell us about your placement year experience

“I was employed at FITCH (a retail branding consultancy) as a Junior Designer for 14 months, and I loved every second. Right from the start you’re fully integrated into your team, and you’re considered as much a part of the design process as everyone else. I was able to work on multiple projects, at all different stages of the design process, and really got an understanding of how the industry works. It’s invaluable having professional practice on your CV, and really gets you prepared for final year.

"I’m really happy to say I’ve been offered a permanent position at FITCH where I completed my placement, so I’m really excited to get started!

Why do you think the placement year is so important?

“The placement year is absolutely invaluable, it helps you decide before leaving exactly what it is you want to do, and massively builds upon your existing design thinking and programme knowledge. The three years you spend studying on campus allow you to be as creative and explorative as you want to be, which is great for creating some interesting talking points for your portfolio with potential employers.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

“Be prepared for hard work. The majority of us in my year have all agreed, by making a subject you’re especially interested in a potential career, especially one as creative and interesting as this, doesn’t have to feel like hard work.”

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