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George Wood


Course studied: BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying and Construction Commercial Management

We now offer: BSc (Hons) BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

United Kingdom
The support I received whilst writing my dissertation was fantastic, they always encourage you to achieve to the best of your ability.

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Graduate company: RG Group

What do you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

“I enjoy how the course is very industry-specific; giving you skills and knowledge that you can use in the work environment. There is also a good breadth of study, ranging from learning about a building’s construction components, to how contractual disputes can be resolved.

“The course staff are excellent, they are more than willing to help with coursework and any queries you have about your studies. The support I received whilst writing my dissertation was fantastic, they always encourage you to achieve to the best of your ability.

Has the course included any trips?

“We have been on a few trips as part of the course; in my first year we attended Grand Designs Live, it a great experience as we got to see a lot of the up-and-coming construction technologies for housing projects. Our other trips have mainly consisted of site visits – I found these particularly beneficial as, prior to university, I had no previous construction experience and hadn’t been on a live site before. Additionally, these live site visits have often been in relation to our coursework and have given the work an increased industry focus.

How did you spend your placement year?

“For my placement year, I worked for RG Group, who are based in Kent but also have a northern office in Doncaster. Being a main contractor, RG have a number of projects throughout the UK. I was based in Wembley on a £35million student accommodation project, which had 699 bedrooms. I was primarily based on internal finishes; looking after carpentry, flooring and paint finishes but also had involvement with valuations and on-site variations.

What skills have you gained by completing this placement year?

“My interpersonal skills improved massively on placement. The construction industry is like no other, in terms of the people you interact with – one moment you can be chatting to the bricklayer about the missing windpost on the ground floor and the next you will be speaking to the client about his landscaping variation – and you have to know how to adapt the way you speak to these people. My knowledge of construction processes and various construction jargon was enriched through my placement year and I don’t think it is possible to obtain this sort of knowledge in a university environment, with being on a live project on a day-to-day basis bettering your understanding every day.

How will the skills gained enhance your employability for your future career?

“I was fortunate enough to gain a graduate position following my placement year with RG Group, this has saved me a lot of time in final year applying for graduate roles and attending interviews and assessment days. My first two years at NTU had formed the basis of my construction skill set, with the skills that I learnt on placement have furthering my overall attributes that will give me a competitive advantage for when I enter the industry on a full-time basis.”

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