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Greg Rolleston


United Kingdom
The tutors are always there if you need them and the technical team are outstanding!

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Greg completed his placement year at Stormsaver Ltd as a Product Design Engineer and now works for them full-time. He's responsible for designing, manufacturing and testing all prototypes at the company.

What made you choose to study Product Design at NTU?

“The fact that the course collaborates with businesses in order to offer students the opportunity to work on live projects was something that really appealed to me, in addition to the great facilities on offer.”

Were you involved in any live projects or exciting briefs during your studies?

“I really enjoyed working alongside Pepsico, who own many brands such as Walkers and Tropicana. We were asked to produce a product that would enhance the shelf presence of six pack crisps on supermarket shelves. My completed design was a robot that kept the six packs upright and pushed them towards the front when a pack was taken.”

Were you involved in any industry competitions as part of your course?

“During my time at NTU we have been involved in many industry competitions ranging from Starpack, Engineers Without Borders and Design Innovation In Plastics. These competitions challenged me to think in different ways and forced me to work with materials I otherwise wouldn’t have used.”

Did you have any speakers or lecturers from industry visit as part of your course?

“Ross Kemp who started the company Asap Watercrafts was amazing. His product started out as a final year project at university, but it has now developed into a business. He was so inspirational; he encouraged us to take risks when designing and not to always go for the easy option.”

Did you complete any work placements?

“I completed a year-long placement at Stormsaver Ltd as a Product Design Engineer. The role was extremely varied which was great. Some days I would work in the office designing and planning, whilst other days I would be in the workshops building and testing prototypes.

“The employability team at NTU were great at helping me secure my placement. They helped me to ensure that my CV and portfolio were at a good standard in preparation for my interviews.”

What did you like the most about your course?

“I like how close everyone on the course is. My year consisted of 44 students, and we were always there to help each other. I’ve made some amazing lifelong friends.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the staff on your course?

“The tutors are always there if you need them and the technical team are outstanding!”

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking about studying BSc Product Design at NTU?

“If you like getting hands on with projects and want to design products that will make a difference in the world, then study BSc Product design at NTU! If you are unsure about the direction you want to go in, I would suggest attending an open day to gain some further insight into the course.”

Tell us a little bit about your career since leaving NTU.

"After working at Stormsaver during my placement they offered me a job to come back to after graduation which was great! Since then I have worked on multiple high level projects across the country. The work is an amazing blend of computer aided design and workshop manufacturing as I’m responsible for designing, manufacturing and testing all prototypes. The tasks I need to complete vary week on week which helps keep things fresh and interesting."

What has been your career highlight so far? How did what you learnt at NTU help you get there?

"Designing bespoke technical products for luxury car manufacturers and supermarkets would be my highlight so far. As well as looking back at the portfolio of products I have designed since I have been here is very humbling. The CAD resources at NTU have aided me massively in my job role as I would not be able to create the complex geometry required for live projects. In addition using all the workshop equipment available to design students helped me integrate seamlessly into a manufacturing design role."

What is your biggest piece of advice to current students and those graduating this year?

"My biggest piece of advice to students would be to always get involved / be an active participating design student! If you want to do a project at home - do it, if you want to join a makers club - join it, if you want to learn from designers – read their books and try getting in touch. Finally, the more work you put into your craft the more you will get out of in the long term I promise you that. It’s what I have experienced first-hand. The things that make you nervous, do them, you’ll be thankful you did."

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