Hamdi Gabani
Nottingham city is vibrant and multicultural. As an international student, I found it to be an ideal place to live.

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Why NTU?

"Nottingham city is vibrant and multicultural. As an international student, I found it to be an ideal place to live. There's always something going on for everyone. Having the campus right in the city centre is advantageous as everything I needed was in close proximity.

"In addition to my work experience, a master's degree would be what I needed to push my career to new and challenging levels. It will provide greater professional credibility and help obtain better job opportunities."

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

"My most recent project was to design a columbarium and memorial space. The initial concept was to create a space embraced by the nature surrounding it. The design developed with a notion of atmosphere in mind. I used dark and bright areas, open and closed spaces to create a sense of presence, harmony and wellbeing throughout the structure. These elements, I believed, were what I needed to combine with the architecture to create a journey that users can experience as they reflect, sanctify and remember their loved ones.

"I am very pleased with the lecturers and tutors, who are supportive and insightful. Tutors show a great deal of dedication to the course as well as care for the student's progression. Administrators are always there to assist with a welcoming and efficient manner. The University provides a great deal of labs and workshops open for students to utilise. If at any point I needed assistance, the technical staff was always available to maintain support and safety.

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