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Inas Mokhtar

Mohamed Mokhtar Ali

The course widened my perspective and introduced me to recent issues in the construction industry both in the UK and globally.

More about Inas

Inas came to NTU on the Brenda Howe Scholarship which awards £10,000 of funding towards tuition fees.

Why NTU?

"I was born in Sudan and finished my undergraduate studies in architecture seven years ago. I worked firstly for an architectural design office and then as a teaching assistant at a university. I decided I wanted to study for a master's degree and the UK was my first choice because of its world recognised and valued qualifications.

"When I found NTU I knew I had found the place for me. NTU is one of the leading universities that offer a Construction Management course with interesting modules. The course widened my perspective and introduced me to recent issues in the construction industry both in the UK and globally.

How did you achieve the Brenda Howe Scholarship?

"When I applied I was made aware of all the different scholarships and funding available to me as an international student. I made an application and won the prestigious Brenda Howe Scholarship, this entitled me to £10,000 worth of funding towards my tuition fees. Without Brenda's generosity I would not be able to study in the UK and gain all of these amazing experiences.

"I am so thankful and grateful to Brenda for this opportunity. I had the chance to meet her at the International Scholarship Ceremony and felt more motivated to do my best in my studies and experience. Brenda seemed so happy to see me and I felt very touched by the experience.

How did you find studying at postgraduate level?

"I found that studying a postgraduate degree in the UK is very different from in Sudan; it requires a lot of self-studying and research. That was hard at the beginning however I got help from academic support sessions, the lecturers and staff are always available to help and assist.

"As an international student I find Nottingham very friendly and safe. One of the things I enjoyed the most is the diversity of students and local people. I learned a lot about myself by meeting new kinds of people and exploring other cultures. I was picked up from Heathrow by the University's international office staff through the Meet and Greet Service. It meant I met people and made good friends right from day one.

"I graduated with an MSc in Construction Management with Distinction. This was one of the highlights of my year at NTU. I can't put into words the feeling you have during graduation except happiness and being overwhelmed. 'You have earned this!' ran through my mind the whole day. My friends came to the ceremony to support me and we had a great day seeing my other classmates and had a lovely dinner afterwards. It was a very happy day for me."

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