Jack Tanser at ND 17
As a result of my placement I've seen the quality of my work get better which will benefit my future career in design.

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Jack was shortlisted for the Sainsbury's Home 'One to Watch' Design Award at New Designers 2017

Placement company: Møbel Copenhagen

What do you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

“The course staff have been great. I find one to one feedback on my work with tutors is very helpful.  The technicians are great at helping prototype ideas. I really appreciate their knowledge of materials and willingness to help with projects.

How did you spend your placement year?

“On my placement I worked as Design Assistant at a company called Møbel Copenhagen. It is a small start-up furniture company based in Denmark. I spent over a year at the Company and worked as part of a small team taking part in all aspects of the business.

“It was great to be treated as a valuable part of the team and to have my contributions included. I met many people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I gained some valuable life skills as a result of moving to a foreign city and establishing myself. I really enjoyed living in a different culture and all that comes with it.

What skills have you gained by completing this placement?

“I have become more business and commercially aware. I've learnt how to manage projects and work to deadlines and what to expect from the management team. I also made a vast improvement in my technical skills.

“I now have some great examples of work that I completed and examples of how I actively contributed to the business. I have developed my communication skills and my commercial awareness and professionalism have improved. As a result of my placement I've seen the quality of my work get better which will benefit my future career in design.”

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