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James Brown


United Kingdom
The course staff have real experience of what they are teaching; this means that what we learn in lectures and seminars is directly relevant to property in real life.

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Placement company: Gerald Eve LLP

What do you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

“The course is very practical and applicable to the real world. The majority of the staff on this course were once practising in the property profession. They have real experience of what they are teaching; this means that what we learn in lectures and seminars is directly relevant to property in real life.

Have you been involved in any live projects on your course?

“In our Year Two development module we had to propose an idea to redevelop the area around the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. We produced a design and plan for how we would transform this part of Nottingham's City Centre. We then presented our design to lecturers and industry professionals as part of our coursework. I really enjoyed this task as it encouraged us to be creative in finding ways to improve an area of the city that was in need of re development.

How did you spend your placement year?

“During my placement year I worked at Gerald Eve LLP. Being based in the Specialist Valuation Team I had lots of opportunities to value and inspect all sorts of different properties, from central London museums and high end residential estates to universities all over the United Kingdom.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of this placement and why?

“I was really involved all aspects of the work from my first day, meeting clients and undertaking valuations for a wide variety of properties and purposes. I really enjoyed working at Gerald Eve as everyone was very friendly, helpful and personable. I was also able to get involved with various sports teams at the firm including football and softball.

What skills have you gained by completing this placement?

“Throughout the year I worked towards completing my Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), which I will finish in my graduate job. I have learned a lot about interacting with different people and working within a team dynamic. I have also gained a variety of practical knowledge and experience that I have used in my final year of study and my future career.

How will these skills enhance your graduate employability?

“The skills developed on placement will help me stand out from other candidates as I already have a year’s practical experience working in the property industry. My abilities to present and work with different people and teams are really integral to the property profession and they are skills that future employers will be looking for.”

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