Jasmine Pang



United Kingdom
I enjoy the way in which the different modules of learning are incorporated into one final project at the end of the year.

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Placement company: Gensler Architects (London)

What did you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

“I enjoy the way in which the different modules of learning are incorporated into one final project at the end of the year, enabling us to utilise our newly learnt skills altogether rather than just to acquire them.

“The course included a trip to London and CAT (Centre of Alternative Technology). Whilst not as exotic as other courses’, the trips benefitted the modules running parallel to them providing the first-hand knowledge and precedence research that was vital to the work. Whist they didn’t initially sound entertaining they certainly surprised us!

How did you spend your placement year?

“During my time on placement I was based in London at Gensler Architects, I’ve had the chance to work on several projects across a broad range of areas from workplace to leisure and hospitality, differing sizes of site, and working in large teams to individually being responsible for a project. Over the year I have utilised various different skills including computer software, hand sketching to model making which I acquired through university and have now further to become proficient in.

“The highlight for me was being able to see how far I have advanced myself rather than a specific project or experience, how my colleagues believed I could take responsibilities further than I would ever thought I could this year, and how this year has given me the motivation for my final year.

How has your placement experience aided your employability?

“The skills have already enhanced my employability for my future career as the architecture industry is advancing and with the set I have acquired I have certain skills that are required more than others while this fast paced shift in technology continues.”

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