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Koki Nishikawa


I have improved my English language skills, design skills, and a made lot of friends since being at NTU!

More about Koki

Koki came to NTU on an international exchange semester from Kyoto University of Art & Design.

Why did the choose the UK for your exchange?

“I chose the UK because I wanted to learn English and experience studying on the other side of the world.”

Why did you choose BA (Hons) Product Design?

“I really wanted to study product design at NTU. My favourite module is design practice as it has taught me various methods of product design, from woodworking to fabrication, and more. I have enjoyed working on the projects here, and I have learnt a lot from my classmates.”

What was the greatest challenge you encountered during your time in the UK?

“The greatest challenge for me was delivering a presentation to tutors, as it was the first time I had to do a whole presentation in English in a different country. However, they were very patient and supportive and made me feel more at ease.”

What advice would you give to other students who are thinking about studying abroad in the UK?

“The UK is very cold but it is a nice place. NTU is a good university, and Nottingham as a city is not too big, but has everything students need. It’s easy to get to London from here, and it is more affordable than other cities.”

What do you think you will gain from studying abroad?

“I have improved my English language skills, design skills, and a made lot of friends since being at NTU!”

How do you think studying abroad will help you in terms of future career prospects?  

“I have learnt a lot of new skills in the UK, so I think this will help me in my future career.”

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