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United Kingdom
The course has a healthy mixture of technicality and creativity, and is very industry aware. The city is perfectly sized and ideal for students.

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Why NTU?

"I chose to study my course as it sounded right up my street; a very healthy mixture of technicality and creativity. The course seemed very industry aware; not just creating pretty pictures but working on projects that could actually work in the real world. The city won me over also, a perfectly sized city and ideal for students.

"My first impressions of the Arkwright building were very good. I really liked all the new refurbishments, it all felt very modern and up to date. My introductory talk really impressed me, I felt I could relate to everything the tutor had to say about the course and it was held in a really nice lecture theatre upstairs in Arkwright.

Have you been involved in any live projects on your course?

"I was involved with a project with the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery. The project had to have a direct focus on the notion of Civic architecture – designing a place that can be accessible and enjoyed by all. In the opening stages of the project I met with a board member of the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery and he explained how in the future there may be potential for the Gallery to expand onto the site my project was centred around. I therefore used this as the basis of my design and tried to gear my design solution to this realistic need. It is an extension to the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery, providing expansion space whilst creating a niche of its own.

"Where generic Galleries exhibit the 'final piece', Contemporary 2 displays all that comes before; focusing in particular on experimentation and inspiration, showcasing the creativity often realised in these stages of the art process.

"Our year group was emailed by a tutor advertising the exhibition and saying there were a few places available for students to show their work. Its pleasing to see your work exhibited and know it has been in an exhibition. Its also really nice to get feedback on it from people who are not necessarily related to the course or architecture in general."

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