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Munyaradzi Kucherera


The key elements of the course are structured to ensure I succeed whatever the route I choose after graduation.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?

“NTU has an outstanding record for research and employability alike. Having studied at NTU before, I knew exactly what the university offers and couldn’t think of any university that could offer me equivalent value.

What do you enjoy most about studying and living in Nottingham?

“The thing I enjoy most is Nottingham’s varied mixture of cultural backgrounds. This offers opportunities to discover something new every single day, guaranteeing a truly distinct experience throughout my studies and stay in Nottingham

What do you think about the course staff?

“Staff members always act professionally, being available to support you throughout your time at the University. Competent technical staff are also always available to ensure the best learning experience. It’s also nice knowing whenever you need help in technical areas, there is always suitable and competent staff to help you with anything you want.

How would you describe the facilities at NTU?

“From lecture theatres to the library, the amount of resources available to enhance student learning experience at NTU is unimaginable. The University has always ensured the most up to date study materials are available and continues to invest to guarantee student access to the most useful databases. The modern and state of the art facilities in all NTU lecture theatres and teaching rooms is unrivalled.

Why would you recommend your course at NTU?

“For someone considering employment opportunities after the Masters, I have seen nothing offering a better employability record than the NTU MSc Quantity Surveying course. There’s nothing better than knowing that whenever you send your CV to companies you get a response on every application you do, and that’s exactly what the course guarantees. And now, just halfway through the course, almost everyone I know on the course has a job offer already.

How do you think your postgraduate qualification will benefit your employability?

“The course has not only given me a head start in developing a career in construction, but upon completion of my study the course guarantees me the very essential skills I will need to apply at work. I am always confident that I will apply the skills acquired to solve problems in a creative way and a way that benefits both my employer and society in which  I will be working. The key elements of the course are structured to ensure I succeed whatever the route I choose after graduation, be it employment, further study or starting my own businesses.”

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