Nina Tigonen
The most satisfying thing for me is to see the client, staff and customers enjoy the space we have helped to create for them

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Graduate company: Macaulay Sinclair

What made you choose to study at NTU?

“Being located in the Midlands it's easy access to all parts of the UK. Also the course has a strong emphasis on employability."

What did you enjoy most about your course?

“The ability to work independently and the course mates I met will remain life long friends and colleagues."

What was the most valuable thing that you learnt through your course?

"Importance of managing my workload and planning my time most effectively around my part time job, uni work and social life."

What was it like living in Nottingham? Could you tell us a bit about how you found the city as a student?

"Nottingham is fast growing with a lively centre filled with good retail offer, bars and restaurants. There is always something to do and all your friends live close by due to the proximity of student housing to the campus. Nottingham is also less than 2 hours train ride away from London (and most other large cities) which is a big advantage."

What has been your career path since leaving NTU? How have you come to be in your current role

"After graduation I immediately moved to London and gained 3 years experience in the retail sector. I had always admired Macaulay Sinclair's work and therefore set a goal to work for them."

What's your favourite memory from your time studying at NTU?

“The feeling of adrenaline and all nighters when working to a tight deadline."

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