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United Kingdom
The way the course is structured exactly mirrors my job role.

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Oliver worked at Savills whilst completing his final year studies on at part-time basis.

How did your final year opportunity arise?

"I had done work experience at Savills at the end of first year and I met a guy who was also working part-time at Savills in his final year, so I saw at the end of my placement year a job opening up at Savills in Nottingham which I applied for not thinking I’d get it. I was really surprised I did and I had to tell NTU that I got this job and want to work the part-time route. I was extremely lucky that NTU worked to accommodate me along with Savills.

How did you find the experience?

"It is probably the most challenging thing I’ve done so far as it is half way between education and working full-time. At work you are there in a professional capacity, but when you go back to university you have got to try and put your academic head on and think about the theory and the full detail behind what you are doing. The two really complement each other as university work is directly applicable to what we are doing here, which makes it a lot simpler working at Savills as I do it on a day-to-day basis here.

"The way the course is structured exactly mirrors my job role. In university we produce professional reports, for example advising clients on a land's development potential, the same as I produce at Savills on a day-to-day basis. Also, at work we work on a wide variety of residential development sites, whilst at university we look at a wider variety of commercial and development sites which is really useful to expand the knowledge within the property.

What have you enjoyed most about your course at NTU?

“The thing I enjoy the most is the field trips we go on, there are quite a few that we base our course/ modules around. We go out to one place then do a piece of work on it which puts the course into context as you are not always just reading from a textbook, you are learning out in the industry rather than just out of a textbook.

“The thing that attracted me towards the course is how vocational it is, whether it be the placement year or through day-to-day sessions with guest lecturers from within the industry as it really puts our work into context within the property industry. So, when you've graduated you have a hands-on experience from the workplace which really boosts your employability and that's what really made me attracted to the course.”

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