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Orlando Catinari


My future ambition is to be a Chief Executive Officer and this course is part of my plan to achieve that goal.

More about Orlando

Why did you choose to study this course at NTU?

"I am very ambitious and believe the engine of life is to be inquisitive with a desire to know more. I saw this course as a challenge and a way for me to improve and gain an advantage over others in the workplace. I chose this course because I believe knowledge is very important, not just to focus on my job but to gain an understanding of what is behind the job. My belief is that we should never stop learning.

"The nature of my job means I work in very remote locations and travel to different countries so an online course meant I didn’t have to interrupt my studies when my location changed. I chose the MSc in Construction Project Management because it was the closest match to my job role and it was an online course.

How do you find the structure of the course?

"The course is very well designed and the modules are very appealing to someone in a project management role in the construction and infrastructure industry. The course give you a 360 degree knowledge of all aspects of construction project management.

"I found that the Contemporary Construction Themes module linked to what I had previously studied, and the Procurement module has been very interesting in relation to tenders. Legal Rights and Responsibilities have been most useful and vital to my role.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

"The best feature of the online course is that you are not alone. there is a really good amount of interaction between you, the Module Tutor and with other students on the course. if you want to interact with other students then you have the opportunity to do so.

"I enjoy challenges, so now I feel more prepared for when a challenge should arise. My future ambition is to be a Chief Executive Officer and this course is part of my plan to achieve that goal."

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