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United Kingdom
I also like that the coursework that is set are based on 'real life' projects which makes it even more relevant to the industry

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Placement company: BWB Consulting

Why NTU?

"I really liked the look of the course, and it was the last university I came to visit and I just loved it – everything from how lovely all the guides were, to the buildings and the set-up of the campus. I really enjoy how practical the course has been, you don’t just get to learn the theory you get to try it out as well. I also like that the coursework that is set are based on ‘real life’ projects which makes it even more relevant to the industry.

"All the lecturers are so supportive and enthusiastic, they make a real effort to reply to your emails even if they’re really busy with other things and they don’t laugh at any stupid questions either! Having lecturers that care about what they’re teaching definitely makes it more interesting and easier to learn.

"It’s different to other courses because of how practical it is – actually being able to do things first hand makes it easier to understand as well as a bonus when you get a job as you already have knowledge on how to use equipment."

How did you spend your placement year?

"I have spent my sandwich year on a 12 month paid placement at BWB Consulting in a team of engineers and technicians. I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects, from small residential plot design to larger industrial and highway schemes. I have most enjoyed the drainage aspect of the job, as it can be very rewarding when your design works!

"My placement is in an area which isn't taught at the University – so I expected to know nothing useful when I started, however I found myself picking up random words that I knew and was able to apply the broad construction knowledge that I'd learnt when thinking about how my designs would be constructed.

"I would definitely recommend a placement as not only does it improve your chances of getting a graduate job – which the company may offer you when you finish your placement – you also learn so much that can't be taught in the classroom as well as connections to people in industry that you can talk to in order to help your final year studies."

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