Scott Hughes



United Kingdom
NTU really seemed to be not only the most enjoyable but also the most closely linked with preparing you for post-university life.

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Why NTU?

"When looking for postgraduate courses, I looked at the modules different universities were offering as part of the programme and the course at NTU really seemed to be not only the most enjoyable, but also the most closely linked with preparing you for post-university life.

"For me, personally, the postgraduate degree is part of the process towards becoming an architect and so was an easy choice, but for others it gives the opportunity to really specialise in a subject or field of studying, which quite simply puts you in a position above others in the eyes of potential employers.

What have you enjoyed most on your course?

"One of the more enjoyable aspects of the course is that since it is quite small, you are in a position where you can develop a strong bond with the cohort as well as the tutors since you get more time with them for tutorials and discussions. I have been exposed to many different tutors across the different modules and across the two years. This has been good as it has allowed me to gain knowledge and understanding of different areas from several different perspectives.

How do you find the facilities on offer at NTU?

"The studio is good as it is private just to our course, meaning we can layout and uses the space that best suits us, changing it as and when we need to. Many of the university buildings are being modernised and redeveloped meaning they are well equipped for learning. This is coupled with new contemporary building in the campus as well as more historic ones which is a nice balance.

"I would recommend this course and University to people if they are looking for a university that has commited a lot of time, effort and money to the students studying there. As the tables show, NTU is one of the best in the country for being green, course satisfaction and for job opportunities, and this can be felt and seen when studying here."

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