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Sharaye Campbell
If you have the ambition and the creative mindset to generate new concepts, then I highly recommend the course.

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Why NTU?

“I wanted to find a university that would encourage all forms of my development into adulthood, and NTU offered this. Arkwright, where our studios are based, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings on campus, it stimulates my mind and inspires me every time I enter.

“Architecture is challenging but unbelievably rewarding. If you have the ambition and the creative mindset to generate new concepts, then I highly recommend the course. The Students' Union works so hard to ensure that any student starting the university will have societies and events that will suit their personality and character.

How do you find the facilities available to you on your course?

“The department has a wide range of facilities to aid and enhance our ability to create and think without boundaries. There are multiple workshops offering services such as concrete lab, spray paint workshop along with general workshops and computer rooms fitted with printers, so we can work when whenever we want to. The general computer rooms and workshops are open later hours during peak time and deadline season.

What do you think of your course staff?

“The staff are very supportive within and outside of working hours. They offer a lot of support via email as well as creating very personal relationships with each student due to the one to one support we receive, especially during design studio.

Has the course included any speakers from industry?

"During Year Two, we were lucky enough to receive guest lectures every Tuesday. The guest speakers and lecturers were all in some way linked to the industry. Knowing that some of the speakers had travelled from multiple countries worldwide really brought it home to me that the world is my oyster.

"The presence of guest speakers allowed me to see how the topics I had been studying could be implemented into real life situations and projects. It was insightful to hear the creative ways these remarkable people were making changes within the world."

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