Sophie Gilpin



United Kingdom
Nobody will tell you to do your work in a specific way, it’s all under your control.

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What have you enjoyed most about studying at NTU?

“What I love about Trent is that all the tutors are enthusiastic when giving out the briefs. It makes me feel much more involved and excited to start a new project. I don’t see the work set as a task, it’s more the fact that I want to do and get involved with it.

“Furniture and Product Design is by far the best course to study at NTU, everyone on the course is friendly and as there are only thirty people on the course everyone is close and provokes ideas to bounce around the room. The tutors get to know you personally and know how you work best. Nobody will tell you to do your work in a specific way, it’s all under your control.

Have you taken the opportunity to study abroad?

“After successfully completing first year I was lucky enough to be part of the global immersion programme which consisted of going to a summer school at Sichuan University in China. I studied in the Art and Design school learning new skills such as Chinese Calligraphy, Oil Painting and participated in lectures about living space.

“Going to China was such an unbelievable experience, I was able to travel after summer school, to Shanghai and Beijing. Experiencing their culture and being in a completely different environment was really interesting and an unreal experience. I was in China for a month over the summer living a completely different life to what I am used to.

What additional work experience have you gained?

“Over the summer of first year I worked for Max Fraser, writer of a number of reputable design books. I helped him promote his book in London and held a stall for him at two design festival venues including: Tent London and Design Junction. This was an excellent experience as I was able to make contacts and speak to designers at the festival. I was able to gain trust from Max Fraser as well as develop my organisational and time management skills.

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