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Calvin Sangster


United Kingdom
During the course I got the chance to go on an exchange visit to Seoul in Korea.

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"Look for opportunities, be confident in your own worth – if you want something enough, people will realise it.

"During the course I got the chance to go on an exchange visit to Seoul in Korea. The purpose of our visit was to meet with the Dean, professors and students and observe the course focuses, structures and emphasis, as well as research contemporary art in Seoul. The trip also coincided with an art fair and exhibition openings.

"It was a good opportunity to find out more about a culture that doesn't get enough exposure in Britain. The visual culture in Seoul is incredibly inspiring and my time there opened my eyes to a lot of new interests I hadn't considered before.

"Korea has influenced me a lot – the colour and the character I suppose is beginning to surface in my work and I have already collaborated with a Korean graphic designer on a piece that appeared in a show I helped curate at Backlit Gallery in Nottingham.

"My future plans are to take the spark from my degree show and set fire to the next project. I'm working on designing and building an office space and publishing a book."

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