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James Marvin


United Kingdom
The atmosphere, tutors and location at NTU could not be better for my practice.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?"I applied to multiple photography courses around the Midlands, however, it was NTU that offered what I needed for my photography. The atmosphere, tutors and location could not be better for my practice."

What do you enjoy most about studying Photography at NTU?"Being on a course with 100 other people in your year that all have an interest in Photography is great. Having the opportunity to develop ideas and present your work is an experience you can only get within a university and it is extremely valuable."

Has the course included any speakers from industry?"There is a fantastic visiting guest lecture series where each week an industry professional is invited to come and present their work and host a Q&A session."

What do you think about the course staff?"The photography staff and technicians are great; they are all open to discuss new ideas or suggest how to push your work in new directions. This opens up your mind and challenges what photography is, its limits and its abilities. The staff all have open office hours which you can sign up to via email. This is a great system and has really benefited my own work."

What do you think about the facilities available to you?"There are a huge variety of workshops provided on the photography course which cover darkroom processes, analog photography, studio lighting and book making. After being asked what equipment we wanted to see, the University hugely invested in our huge camera store."

Why would you recommend studying Photography at NTU?"I think the photography course here is a brilliant start to anyone considering a career in visual based media. The course is much more than just taking photographs. It deals with visual culture and really breaks down what photography is. It is up to you as a student how you approach the course, but I have found it great for networking and making an essential contact base for when I leave."

Read more about James Marvin, and how he won the APHE Photomeet Bursary on our latest news page.

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