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Thesis title: The political propaganda of the ISIS through social media sites and its potential consequences on the Iraqi youth users

This study will try to explore the different propaganda media materials the ISIS are publishing through the Internet and discover the potential consequences on young people in Iraq. Since the ISIS took control of Mosul – the second largest city in Iraq – on 9 June 2014, there has been many problems and crisis for the Iraqi people.

Firstly, many Iraqi citizens have been killed and others displaced. Secondly, battles are continuing between the government army with support from the people's militias and the ISIS fighters. Third, the ISIS is using the Internet as a weapon to disseminate its ideologies and ideas. Also, through the Internet the ISIS seeks to affect on the morale of the Iraqi people and the army. Finally, according to several media reports, there is mass youth migration outside the country to escape from the disorder.

This study aims to determine and know the psychological and social consequences of the online propaganda contents of the ISIS on the young people in Iraq. Moreover, it will try to illustrate the ISIS propaganda strategies and techniques online. The study will use a content analysis and questionnaire methods to collect and analyse the data.

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Dr Andreas Wittel

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Communication, Culture and Media

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