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Ashley Silvey


United States of America
I have been blown away by the postgraduate community in Nottingham. I’ve never encountered so many academically-driven students as I have here. It’s incredible to know that even when I leave Nottingham, I’ll still have friends from all over the world!

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Can you tell us why you chose to study in the UK and why you chose NTU?

“Going into an MA in Creative Writing, I believed the UK was the perfect place to find inspiration. The UK possesses a timeless enchantment that is priceless for someone seeking literary stimulation. All of my favourite authors, the ones I admire and esteem more than any other — Tolkien, Lewis, Austen, and Rowling — all have roots in England.

“I chose NTU in particular because I was most impressed with their prospectus and website. The staff were all helpful in the pre and post-application process. I was made to feel like a priority and an asset rather than an annoyance.”

What route did you take into postgraduate study?

“When I approached the final year of my undergraduate degree, I noticed I still had the hunger to grow more academically. I wasn’t satisfied with only a Bachelor’s Degree, so I knew I wanted to pursue my Masters immediately after graduation from university.”

How did you feel about coming to a UK University?

“I was expectant. In my mind, the UK was a place of academic excellence, and I was humbled to be a part of something so prestigious and respected internationally.”

What were the key features that attracted you to MA Creative Writing?

“I knew I was interested in developing my skills and knowledge in both fiction and young adult fiction. The course provided both as optional modules in addition to a core module that focused more intensely on writing as theory and practice.

“I appreciated the variety of opportunities and freedom I was given to make the most out of my MA. The modules weren’t chosen for me, but I was able to play an active role in determining the outcome of the course.”

When choosing a course for postgraduate study what did you consider it important to have?

“One of the most important things I looked for was postgraduate scholarship opportunities. I found many places that didn’t cater to this particular population of students, and it was discouraging. I respected how NTU didn’t discriminate between undergraduate and postgraduate students but instead offered opportunities for both to receive financial assistance.”

What modules / topics / projects have you particularly enjoyed or found useful?

“While I enjoyed the diversity of the lectures in my core module, I have particularly enjoyed my optional modules — Fiction and Children’s/Young Adult Fiction. In these modules, I have been challenged to develop as a writer and an editor, learning not only to receive criticism, but also to give constructive feedback to my peers.”

How does the way you study at NTU differ from your previous experience of studying?

“NTU offers an environment where you can thrive as an independent academic. The learning opportunities are seemingly endless, but ultimately the choice of how much I take advantage of rests in my lap. I know my lecturers want me to succeed, but how much I am able to take away from the course is determined by me. It has truly caused me to appreciate my education.”

What were the key facilities that attracted you to you to the University?

“The libraries, without a doubt. I was thrilled at not only the expansive content of the Boots and Clifton libraries, but also the 24-hour access.”

What has been your greatest achievement as an NTU postgraduate student so far?

“The tangible feeling of success I receive biweekly from workshops. I am always able to take something away that helps me mature as an author. There isn’t really an opportunity to remain stagnant because I am constantly rewarded with the fruit of my diligence with critical, yet constructive commentary. I don’t know if this necessarily qualifies as my ‘greatest achievement’, but it is a great success in my opinion.”

What are your plans for the future?

“My goal is to become an author of books that focus on spiritual growth, raising awareness of human rights issues such as human trafficking, and international missions.”

How have you found the postgraduate community at NTU?

“I have been blown away by the postgraduate community in Nottingham. I’ve never encountered so many academically-driven students as I have here. My best friends from Nottingham are both international postgraduate students as well. It’s incredible to know that even when I leave Nottingham, I’ll still have friends from all over the world!”

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