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Ayatt El Hartany

El Hartany

I can surely say that I am a more independent woman who is always ready for challenges. Academically, I now have a clear image of what I want to do after graduation, and can work towards it.

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Why did you choose to study abroad, and what made you choose NTU?

“Being a Palestinian / Canadian living in Saudi Arabia made me believe that home is where I want it to be. That is why I wanted to take the chance to study abroad as well. England was my main option, as it is well known for its outstanding academic universities.

“NTU has a great reputation, as it is known for its high number of international students, and it has a very high rating regarding its student satisfaction. It gave me the privilege of choosing the joint honours degree that I have always desired to study with a very excellent approach to the course compared to other universities.”

How did you feel about coming to a UK university?

“I thought it was very challenging because UK higher education is among the best in the world, and consistently performs well in world rankings. I was also very excited to embrace the British culture, as it is very different to my personal background.”

Is there anything that stood out on your course, that wasn’t offered anywhere else you applied?

“What I really liked about my course is that it isn’t offered by many universities, and it encouraged us to learn a new language as part of the course as it is a very crucial part of international studies.”

What modules have you particularly enjoyed?

“My favourite module was ‘Political Violence and Terrorism’. The discussions we had in seminars were very useful especially for broadening my thinking and researching skills. The media module, ‘The Body & Popular Culture’ was very interesting as it revealed real-life analysis on the hidden meanings surrounding the body in the media domain, which we can relate to in today’s world.”

How does the way you study at NTU differ from your previous experience of studying?

“Studying at NTU requires dedication to develop your skills, which will help you stand out to employers. One of the most useful skills I have developed is being a great researcher.”

How do you feel that you have grown personally as well as academically at NTU?

“I can surely say that I am a more independent woman who is always ready for challenges. Academically, I now have a clear image of what I want to do after graduation, and can work towards it. I’ve became more committed to my tasks, as I believe no one can ever succeed if they do not enjoy what they do.”

When you first came, did you feel welcomed?

“I took part in Welcome Week, which was well organized. It helped me a lot as it made it easier for me to join societies and meet people from different backgrounds. I would recommend all new students to attend Welcome Week as it allows them to familiarise themselves with university life.”

In what way does the academic staff support you in your faculty?

“The academic staff in my faculty were more than helpful. They were always ready to help and assist no matter how complicated the situation was. In fact, Ben Taylor the joint honours humanities course leader supported me for three and a half years. Anyone can be a teacher, but only a few leave an impact through their outstanding professionalism.”

What do you enjoy most about living in Nottingham?

“Nottingham is smaller than I ever expected, however this is exactly what makes it perfect for students as there are less distractions here compared to bigger cities like London or Manchester.”

What has been your greatest achievement as an NTU student?

“I acquired successful time management skills, which was my biggest challenge as a student. Students often underestimate this skill but it is very significant, as it is required in your career. My biggest achievement was helping others in need by volunteering for the Refugee Forum. It felt more expressive than just putting money and clothes in a charity box.”

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