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It's a great course! I've enjoyed every bit of it and now feel ready for a career where I can utilise my language skills.

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"I heard about linguistics while researching at college. I wanted to study language and grammar specifically, so linguistics particularly appealed to me. I decided to study Mandarin Chinese alongside this because China's economy is booming and I saw it as an opportunity to increase my employability. Plus, I really enjoy a challenge, so the Joint Honours degree at NTU was perfect!

“In Linguistics we cover a variety of topics; the History of English in Year One was my favourite! We look at how English has evolved over centuries to what it is today, how the Germanic and Indo European languages connect and what their influences are on the English language.

"On the Chinese part of the course, as well as practicing the language, we study the history and culture of China, which is fascinating. A module called Contemporary China examines China’s transformation into the People’s Republic of China, its rise economically and the impact of this on China itself and the international community. I've had the chance to do a presentation based on Chinese luxury consumption and the possible repercussions this may have for the people and future of China which has allowed me to research deeply into the background of the country.

“I've acquired many skills as a result of doing this course, such as planning, presentation and time management which are transferable to any job. But, I think the most important skill I've learnt is how to persevere when something doesn't go to plan and to dust myself off and keep trying.

"My greatest achievement on the course has definitely been building my Mandarin language level up from the one of the lowest in the class to one of the highest during my year in China! I'd recommend anyone doing the course to make the most of the opportunity to develop their language skills in the country of origin – it doesn't get better than that!

"Doing the Chinese and Linguistics course has helped me realise that I'd like to go into translating or interpreting for either an NGO or a government organisation abroad. It's a great course! I've enjoyed every bit of it and now feel ready for a career where I can utilise my language skills."


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