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My time at NTU opened up a lot of doors for me and gave me the experience needed to break into a competitive industry.

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"My career started before graduating from NTU. In my final year I did a Press and PR internship for videogame culture festival, Gamecity, which involved visiting various universities and colleges to give guest lectures to promote the festival. This led to an hourly paid lecturer position at one of the colleges which I did alongside the seasonal work that I had started in my first year at University. I got this seasonal work after applying for a scheme that helped young people break into television, which I was delighted to get a place on as it was very competitive. I was then asked to work for Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival first as a steward and then as a production team member, which I still do during the summer when I’m not lecturing.

"I found it relatively easy to get my first job because of the amount of work experience I had gained while at university. My time at NTU opened up a lot of doors for me and gave me the knowledge and experience needed to break into a competitive industry. The careers service provided guest speakers from industry which inspired me to get work experience and the links to industry on my course allowed me to create real products for real clients. As well as this, NTU’s involvement in Gamecity enabled me to have a fantastic experience as an intern and the Aim Higher scheme for mentoring students meant I could gain teaching experience.

"As a Creative Media Production Lecturer I am lucky that no day is the same; I can be out on a shoot, having a guest speaker in to give workshops, in the classroom delivering contextual studies or out on a trip to the BBC! In my freelance work again not one day is the same; I can be doing anything from getting celebrities ready to deliver master classes to running around making cups of tea!

"I was attracted to this field of work because I love everything about television production. I chose my course because it gave me the freedom to discover what suited me and I soon found that media production was where my passion lay.

"I've had so many highlights to my career. Being a glamorous assistant for the comedian Al Murray has to be one my favourite moments, but honestly I enjoy every day of my career! My part-time contract as a lecturer means I have a stable income, but also have the freedom to continue doing freelance and seasonal media work. So much has happened since graduating and I really feel that I have the best job that allows me to have creative freedom and access to exciting opportunities."

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