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Edward Hammond


United Kingdom
Bringing history to life is incredibly important, and part of the course revolves around presenting its students with opportunities to hone their skills as historians in more interactive and inclusive ways.

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What do you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

"What I love most about my course is the variety of ways in which we learn. Bringing history to life is incredibly important, and part of the course revolves around presenting its students with opportunities to hone their skills as historians in more interactive and inclusive ways. Presentations, summer scholarship research programmes and group projects mean you can easily make yourself stand out and build your confidence as long as you put the effort in."

What do you think about the course staff – include lecturers, tutors, administrators and technical staff within this. How do they support your learning and University experience?

"The course staff – especially the lecturers – are one of the best things about the course. As well as encouraging independent and directed learning, they are dedicated to helping each student make the most of their time in study by doubling as personal tutors. You’re never left in the dark, and you’ll be surprised by how much the staff contribute to ensuring that you have the confidence, professionalism and ability to thrive out in the wider world."

Has the course included any trips or guest speakers – if so can you talk about ones you found the most useful?

"Part of a module in my second year included a trip to Nottingham Castle to investigate the relationship between history and heritage. This was an important part of the course because it provided us with one example where history truly is brought to life, and it showed us how we can place it into a modern-day context. The trip was equally a fantastic opportunity, for those who aren’t from Nottingham, to explore the surroundings and appreciate what the city has to offer for its student population."

What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering applying for your course?

"Always try your hardest to seize every opportunity that comes your way – whether that’s work experience opportunities, undergraduate research schemes, group tasks or simply appreciating the benefit of having supportive and down-to-earth staff. Engaging with the course to the fullest extent has its own rewards, and recognising that History isn’t just about reading books is the first step to reaping those rewards."

Have you completed any work experience or placements as part of the course? If so, could you tell us what this involved and what was enjoyable about the role?

"I completed a work placement at the National Justice Museum (formerly the Galleries of Justice) where I was given the chance to write a series of historical blog posts as part of the museum’s relaunch. I needed to investigate the history of local events including the Luddite trials and the Pentrich Revolution, however my placement supervisor let me put my own personal twist on the project – placing the events in the context of the effects of the Napoleonic Wars on domestic life in Nottinghamshire. What I found most enjoyable was the fact that I could merge original research with a writing style that needed to appeal to the museum’s wider audience – creating something that was both insightful and informative, but also entertaining with the purpose of raising awareness for the museum and the anniversaries of significant historical events."

How will your course enhance your employability for your chosen career?

"Whilst the course content continues to demand effective and specialised learning in training as a historian, the extra-curricular opportunities that I’ve been presented with enable me to stand out as an individual in all employment sectors, as well as the worlds of academia and Museum and Heritage which is what I plan on going into. My work placement gave me the experience of working in a Heritage organisation, and my voluntary participation in a group project and a summer research programme (which could lead to presenting the project in the Houses of Parliament) meant that I could prove my commitment, dedication and self-motivation for hard work. Outside of university completely, the confidence and training that the course has given me means that I’ve been successful in beginning to build a strong base for an academic career through the delivering of public talks to local history groups and rotary clubs, notably at the Nottinghamshire Archives."

Could you sum up your NTU experience in 3 words?

"Inclusive, inspiring, invaluable."

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