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There is no doubt that having attended the MA ELT at NTU helped me to start my teaching career.

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"The outstanding teaching skills and professionalism of the teachers is one of the main reasons that I am proud to have attended the MA ELT course at NTU. The modern and well organised City site and its facilities, such as the Boots Library and the closeness to the city centre, had been pivotal to my decision to attend the MA ELT at NTU.

"Before starting the course I attended the six-week pre-sessional English course. Although the course itself was quite intensive and there was a final exam to pass before I could officially enrol on the MA ELT, it was useful as it helped me improve my speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, while allowing me to meet new people.

"There is no doubt that having attended the MA ELT at NTU helped to start my teaching career. It provided me with a deeper understanding of what 'teaching' really means and what teachers should expect from both themselves and their students. Learning how to plan a lesson, considering what to include according to the students learning needs and differentiations, and evaluating students have been some of the most fascinating aspects of the MA ELT.

"Practical projects, such as presentations and preparing lessons and materials, also helped to improve my teaching skills and creativity. When I prepare a lesson for the English tutoring, I always try to put into practice what I learnt during the MA ELT.

"I would definitely recommend the MA ELT course to those who would like to become a teacher or improve their teaching skills as it will enhance their awareness about teaching methods and students' learning skills.

"The course also developed me personally; it helped me to improve my self-esteem and punctuality, while also developing my team work and organisational skills. In other words, I would describe the MA ELT as a lesson of life!"

We now offer the MA ELT to experienced English as a Foreign Language teachers and the MA TESOL to those with no or very little prior English language teaching experience.

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