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Course studied: ULP - German

United Kingdom
I really like that the ULP offers a selection of languages which are not just popular modern languages.

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“During my first and second year of study, I was required to study a language on the ULP as part of my course. I really enjoyed studying German so continued to study it during my final year.

“I really like that the ULP offers a selection of languages which are not just popular modern languages. I’ve learnt about various topics ranging from family/friends, health, lifestyle, travel and tourism.

“There are various buildings at NTU, which are designated for language students, and they offer different types of resources for everyone to use. During the language seminars, we often use laptops to do our work and in the DICE building, there are other resources such as books, DVDs, headphones and laptops available for students to borrow to advance in their language learning.

“Throughout my time on the ULP, I’ve learnt to be persistent. Persistence has kept me going in times when I’ve felt less confident about the progress I’ve made. This skill will help me in my future workplace, for example, when I am assigned a project or even in times when it may get difficult, I’ll be able to apply persistence with other skills such as communication and confidence.

“My tutor has been very supportive and is always available for me to meet up with to go over anything which I didn’t understand in class.

“I am able to study both French and German at an advanced level because of the ULP but my greatest achievement on the ULP has been to achieve firsts in several pieces of coursework.

“I would like to become a financial accountant in the future and as a result of doing the ULP I am more open to working abroad.

“The world is becoming more globalised, I believe that anyone thinking about enrolling on the ULP should take that opportunity and make use of the various languages available in order to stand out and add that extra spark to their CV.”

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