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Emmanuel Ibeawuchi

Besides the quality of education and research the university provided, the diverse nature of the university was one I found really interesting, giving me the opportunity to broaden my sphere of thinking and improve my interpersonal skill.

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Tell us a bit about yourself? Why did you choose to study at Nottingham Trent University?

As an individual I am really passionate about learning and constant improvement of self, therefore I am never comfortable at any position, I always strive to be better at whatever thing I do.

This has helped me develop a number of skills such as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The importance of effective communication in any situation or relationship cannot be over emphasized, I have not just mastered effective communication skills but have also developed excellent listening skills, so I utilize a combination of both effective communication skills and listening skills to not just maintain but also improve my interpersonal skills.

Another skill that has been really beneficial to me and I am utilizing here in Nottingham Trent University is my leadership skills. Over the years, I have occupied a number of leadership positions such as leading a teaching team and being a prefect in my secondary education. These positions among others have helped me develop life changing skills such as empathy, patience, team work, and charisma. As a leader I have learnt the importance of leadership by example in practical terms as such I have trained myself to mirror the exact skills, I would like to see my followers reflect.

Furthermore, I have worked as a teacher in the past years and this has increased my coordinating and organization skills. I have a flair for obtaining and impacting knowledge and this has helped me make useful impact in the lives of other individuals particularly students.

These skills I intend to apply during the course of my masters, to contribute gainfully to the university community to make it a more fulfilling place for other students and the university.

Why I chose Nottingham Trent university. An interesting and attractive factor for me was the fact that, asides the quality of education and research the university provided, the diverse nature of the university was one I found really interesting, giving me the opportunity to broaden my sphere of thinking and improve my interpersonal skill. Nottingham Trent University also provides a serene and conducive environment for learning. More so, the university has a global recognition and this makes graduates of Nottingham Trent University employable world wide. This factor of employability further facilitated my choice.

Tell us about your course. What is the best bit? Would you recommend your course to other students?

My course in MA International Development. My best bit is the course content and quality of lecturers that are eager to help you as a student step by step in ever way possible which they did for me and colleagues. Yes in a bid to achieve the MDG goals I will recommend every young, selfless and humanitarian youth to come join to make the world a better place.

What are you plans for the future? And how has this course helped you with these?

I plan to have an NGO to help alleviate poverty, provide good water, provide quality education and good health for adolescents. My course content have broaden my knowledge in development issues not just Africa but the world at large. I have been exposed to theories that have helped me to know best possible routes to followed to run an effective NGO.

Can you tell us about your placement?

I work with Blenheim mount Heathcote’s group of company. It is a residential support company for autistic and mental health adults.

Actually I surfed the web because I had a special interest in support jobs. Then I applied online, had a phone and zoom interviews, got trained and received my orientation and finally started working. I enjoy this job because I have received over 22 course training on how to deal with vulnerable individuals and it has given me a new school of thought of equality and total inclusion including an edge in self centred care.

Have you learnt anything from your experiences that you would advise future international students?

I will advice future students to plan their job search, have their documents handy, be prepared and smart to embrace a new job in the UK.

How have you found the support at NTU?

The support at NTU is exceedingly helpful, accessible and resourceful.

Can you describe NTU in three words?

Excellence, Innovative and Diversity.

Are you fascinated by our changing world? Passionate about current affairs? See yourself working in local government or at the UN?

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