Georgia Farquharson



Course studied: Print Journalism - BA (Hons)

We now offer: Journalism - BA (Hons)

United Kingdom
I would describe my overall experience at NTU as incredible! I really enjoyed the practical side of the course, learning shorthand and taking part in news days...Being part of Trent Dance also added to my experience.

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Deputy Online Editor & Celebrity Writer at new! Magazine

“I chose to study at NTU because I loved the atmosphere of the city. I only looked at NCTJ accredited courses and at the time NTU was the best in the country, which was important for me.

“The amazing CBJ facilities also attracted me to the University, they have actual studios and radio booths, so it was like working in a proper newsroom. The city is so vibrant and the perfect size for someone who lived in a small town. It’s not too big and daunting and easy to get around with good transport links.

“I would describe my overall experience at NTU as incredible! I really enjoyed the practical side of the course, learning shorthand and taking part in news days. Whilst the course focussed on print I also had the opportunity to learn some broadcast skills. Being part of Trent Dance also added to my experience.

“I completed several placements during the summer break to get my foot in the door. I then completed three more as part of the course – at The Daily Mirror, new! magazine and Slam PR to ensure I’d experienced all sides of journalism.

“I kept in touch with a contact from new! magazine and heard that they were looking for an intern. I started as an Editorial Intern for three months and then progressed to Junior Online Writer. I was promoted to Acting Online Editor when the Online Editor was on sabbatical and I am currently Deputy Online Editor now she’s back. Despite the web-based title, my job is both online and print.

“I’ve always loved writing and being creative and I’m a lover of celebrities and TV so it’s great to be in a role which combines my two passions.

“Every day can be so different! I’m forever searching all forms of social media for potential news stories, and every morning I’ll compile a ‘web list’ and dish them out to writers. I spend the morning working on the website, writing my own stories, editing copy and monitoring social media. I’ll schedule tweets to run throughout the day and keep an eye on our traffic via Google Analytics.

“In the afternoon I might have an interview which I have to do research and prepare questions for. I’ll often go on photoshoots to interview a celebrity and will film parts of the shoot on my phone to include in our online teasers. After an interview, it needs transcribing and writing up, which is my favourite part as I get to be creative and showcase my writing skills.

“After work I often go to events, including premieres or parties to grab celebs for our Guestlist Girls page. I am also the events co-ordinator so I have to make sure that we attend the events that need covering and send writers out.

“On the other end of the spectrum, another perk is that I get to travel in order to review hotels/ places for our travel section. Most recently I’ve been to Miami, Copenhagen, Tuscany and Turkey. No two days are the same!

“I have had so many career highlights, but one that stands out is when I was sent to Paris for 24 hours to cover a red carpet that Cheryl was attending. It was a whirlwind!

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced since graduating has been the work/life balance. I commute two hours to work, but because I love my job it’s so worth it.

“My plans for the future are to stay where I am for now. I’m very lucky to get to work for a print magazine, but do online alongside it. There is no better feeling than seeing your name or picture in print.

“Without my studies I wouldn’t be where I am now, simple as that. The legal side of our course is something I didn’t think would come in helpful, but has – massively!

“My advice to new graduates would be do as much work experience as you can, but be different. Make yourself standout and show passion and enthusiasm. Work for free and it will pay off. Don’t give up!”

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