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Jelena Matic


Course studied: BA (Hons) Communication & Society and Media

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
I didn't face any problems getting adjusted to the course as the professors helped me out a lot and they were really approachable.

More about Jelena

"I chose to come to the UK because I think it has a great education system. The city, Nottingham, appealed to me as well. It's a student city as there are two universities. Social life is amazing here!

"I always wanted to do something that involved creativity. Also, the subject had to be interesting. I did some research on the NTU website and found the BA (Hons) Media and Communication and Society. I started off with a focus on making journalism my career, but it has now moved to public relations.

"Education is quite different in England compared to Bosnia. Most exams and coursework in England are written or typed, whereas exams in Bosnia are oral. I didn't face any problem getting adjusted to the course though, as the professors helped me out a lot and they were really approachable.

"The course is well worked out and is very practical. We also have seminars, which I find very useful. For a first year, it is easy to get accustomed to the course.

"I work part time and I advise students to start looking early for jobs. There are a lot of students who want to work, and it may not be easy to find one later on. Working is also a great way to understand how people work in the UK and also expand my international network of friends and peers.

"At first making friends wasn't as easy as expected, but I quickly learned that by joining societies such as the volleyball team I could meet lots of interesting people. This helped me make loads of friends in a very short time. It also made adjusting to my new life easier."

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