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Olivia Holt


Course studied: BA (Hons) Spanish and Global Studies

United Kingdom
Global studies in final year is so relevant to current sustainability issues, and the mix of topics covered in Spanish really pushes your vocabulary.

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Current role -  Spanish Speaking Researcher for Channel 4's 'A Place in the Sun'.  

Tell us why you chose to study at NTU.

“I had good friends who loved it here at NTU, the course was perfect for me and the location was a great city to be in.”

What did you enjoy most about your course?

“The diverse mix of subjects covered in Global Studies which were relevant to sustainability issues and their social effects across the globe right now. Translation classes were my favourite in Spanish due to it being useful to the world of work, interesting and varied.”

What did you think about the course staff – include technical staff, administrators, lecturers and tutors. How did they support your learning and university experience?

“NTU staff are always happy to help and want the best for the students. Our Translation lecturer inspired us a lot to work hard thanks to his passion for the subject and a good sense of humour. He also ensured every student’s voice was heard.”

Would you recommend NTU and your course to someone looking to study in that area?

“Definitely. A joint honours can be very useful in terms of balancing deadlines and disciplines. Global studies in final year is so relevant to current sustainability issues, and the mix of topics covered in Spanish really pushes your vocabulary.”

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

“My first job out of University has been a Spanish Speaking Researcher for the series shown on Channel 4, ‘A Place in the Sun’, with Freeform Productions. I have found 3 happy couples their future homes abroad in Spain. I’ve also received a lot of positive feedback on my skills and work ethic from Producers, which is great considering I have no previous television experience.”

What are your favourite aspects / greatest challenges of your current role?

“Using Spanish day to day is what I love most, and creating a detailed programme too. Challenges can be time management and working in a very fast paced environment.”

Do you have any advice to share with new graduates or other alumni?

“The application for this post was not available for candidates without previous television experience with production companies. With my Spanish degree and experience on my Year Abroad, I believed I was suitable for the role and I contacted the marketing team instead of making an application, and managed to get an interview! So my advice would be to have confidence, use your initiative and put yourself out there!”

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