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Taiwo Oredipe


This university has helped shape both my academic and personal development.

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"My ambition is to work for the International Organisation for Migration so the MA International Development course at NTU was the perfect choice for me. It's a great course. My favourite module in it is also called International Development which deals with recent trends in developmental issues such as HIV/AIDS, human security, resilience and vulnerability. We also look at the end of the Millennium developmental goals and the start of sustainable development goals. Coming from a developing country it's given me another perspective on developmental issues.

"I previously studied at Obafemi Awolowo University which prepared me well for this masters degree. There are many differences between studying in the UK and in Nigeria, most notably the relationship with your lecturers. It's much more informal here and based on an equal standing. I was very surprised when the lecturers asked me to call them by their first name! The lecturers are one of the best things about the course; my colleagues and I call them living encyclopedias because of the wealth of knowledge they bring!

"The facilities here mean I can do my research in a way that suits me. We have an online portal system which has our lecture slides and module information as well as access to a huge electronic library. This has really changed my academic life and simplified the research process. I'm working on a research project that examines the impact of climate change on migration through a case study of six communities in the Niger Delta area. I've been well supported and have received preparation classes and constant contact with my supervisor.

"When I'm not studying I do some volunteering at the Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum which I'm really proud of. It's an organisation that deals solely with migrants. I was given this opportunity through doing one of the modules on the course, Professional Development, and it has fuelled my passion for the non-profit sector.

"In my spare time I enjoy hanging out in Nottingham with my friends and sisters. We often visit African shops, go to the cinema and enjoy the fantastic nightlife and, of course, Afrobeats. This is one of the best universities in the UK and it has helped shape both my academic and personal development."

Taiwo Oredipe is one of our NTU Brand Ambassadors for Africa.  Read more...

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