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Akshansh Bhatnakar



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Placement Company: Adidas
Job title: PR and Branding Intern

Where have you secured your placement? What is your job title and your main responsibilities?
I work as PR and Branding Intern with Adidas, India. My responsibility is to deal with brand activation and planning events for the company.

What made you decide to choose the two-year option with a placement?
I decided to choose MSc Branding and Advertising because it gave me an opportunity to apply for a placement during my studies at NBS. I got a golden chance to have industry exposure and relate it to my studies for a better understanding of the world of work.

I always wanted to use my masters knowledge in an international company which gave me global exposure in a practical setting.

How did you find the process of applying for a placement? How many applications did you complete?
The process was clearly explained by the Employability Team and they gave me all the support needed. The whole process was straightforward and easy to understand.

I made around 50-60 applications out of which I was invited for 4 face to face interviews. It is all about patience! It took a lot of effort but in the end I secured a placement in a multinational corporation.

Did you work with the Employability team to help secure a placement? If yes, what support did you receive?
Yes, the Employability Team helped me create updated CVs according to different company requirements. I also consulted them about my cover letters, placement websites and to know more about the different ways of improving my prospects.

I did receive full support and the right advice from the employability team from the start of my application process till I secured the placements.

Did you have to undertake an interview for your placement? If so what type of interview?
I undertook four face-to-face interviews and a few online assessments as well. The employability team helped me overcome the face to face interview by rehearsing interview questions with me prior to the interview. They also provided tips and tricks for the online assessments and ways to crack them.

When did you start applying for a placement?
I started my course in September 2016 and began with placement applications from January 2017. It was a testing 4-5 months but I finally secured the placement in April.

What are the main differences between applying for a placement in the UK as opposed to your home country?
Everything is different! From the application processes, CV formats to the aptitude tests and interviews.

Where did you get the information about placements?
I got relevant information through the Employability Team and In place which is a student job hub. The job fairs were truly beneficial which helped me develop my CV and build my communication skills with employers from international companies.

I efficiently made use of numerous jobsites for UK and international applications

What advice would you give to students considering doing the placement year and the application process for securing a placement?
My advice would be start your application as soon as possible, most of the large companies open their portals to applicants in late August.

Make optimum use of the resources available at Nottingham Business School by seeking help from the Employability Team and make sure you attend the recruitment fairs held in the University.

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