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Being a student at Nottingham Business School was a fantastic experience for me. The lecturers are full of enthusiasm.

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"Being a student at Nottingham Business School (NBS) was a fantastic experience for me. The lecturers are full of enthusiasm. With a lot of patience they answered my questions, supported my development. Their passion for sculpting great personalities and future leaders was obvious during every lecture. Their guidance and advice proved to be extremely valuable when I started working in a real business environment.

"My studies have significantly contributed to my career. During the period of being a student at NBS I learned the importance of being punctual, serious and proactive. Plus I truly learned to value and respect people's ideas and opinions. Also I learned that there's nothing that I can't achieve. As long as I'm motivated and I'm working hard I will always get the results that I desire. All these proved to be essential in my daily activities at work where I need to adapt, learn new things quickly and to collaborate with people from all over the world.

"During the last few months of my Master's degree I was involved in a placement in Sales and Marketing for a company called ADP Projects. Applying for that placement was one of the best decisions I ever made because it exposed me to the real working environment where I could apply the knowledge and experience gained during my degree.

"Following graduation I secured a position at Hewlett Packard where I work as a business analyst. I enjoy that I'm involved in a challenging working environment where technology changes all the time and where projects have a strong impact on society.

"I would suggest to every student starting at Nottingham Business School to make the most out of the experience and be proactive. Get involved in as many activities as possible, work hard and make sure you learn something new every single day. Keep your eyes open to any opportunity and accept NTU's support and advice. And the most important part... enjoy it!!"

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