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Andrew Jeffries


Course studied: MSc Branding and Advertising

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United Kingdom
I think everyone who attends the university should take advantage of all the opportunities on offer from NTU

More about Andrew

Before attending college or university, I worked for many years in many different roles, such as a junior buyer for a major steelworks company. Unfortunately, I was made redundant during the recession and went from job to job. Therefore, I made a life changing decision to work towards attaining a degree in Marketing. After six years in total, I finally graduated university with a 2:1 in BA Marketing.

I wanted to study at a postgraduate level because I found that the type of job role I wanted to apply for would require me to stand out against many other candidates. Therefore, I saw it as a necessary step towards achieving my goals.

Nottingham Business School

The reputation of the Business School was the main reason why I decided to continue my studies here. The affiliation with CIM meant that I would receive an extra qualification which isn’t offered with all programmes offered elsewhere. As I knew that I would be self-funding my studies the fact that I would  receive an alumni fee reduction of 25% was very appealing.

The degree content that is covered is very relevant and up to date with the working world. Therefore, I feel that this would give me a competitive edge in the market when securing a graduate job.  The option of studying abroad intrigued me as I studied in Germany when I was completing my undergraduate studies so I was open to studying in a different country and experiencing their culture.


The facilities that are available here at Nottingham Trent University are great. I felt really welcomed and at home when I arrived at the campus. I find NOW really useful as it allows me to stay up to date with all of my classes as well as provide additional information such as job listings and work experience opportunities. All of the facilities and buildings have exceeded my expectations and I couldn't ask for a better environment to learn in.


I would have to say my greatest achievement to date would be successfully completing my first assignment as part of an international group. I came across a lot of issues that I haven’t had experienced before, such as: communication issues, different levels of abilities and ways of working. I feel this experience has made me more aware of the difficulties of working in an international environment.

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