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Chanisaraa Sroitongrada (Hammy)

Sroitongrada (Hammy)

The International Team always has activities for international students so that always really helps me find more friends, feel more comfortable around Nottingham and helps with not getting homesick.

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How and why did you decide on NTU?

It’s a very practical university and the class sizes are not too big which I like. The class sizes are a maximum of about 30 and this means there is always the chance for us to ask the teacher questions and have a discussion. Also the NTU international Team always has activities for international students so that always really helps me find more friends, feel more comfortable around Nottingham and helps with not getting homesick, plus all of the activities and a lot of these are free so that’s really nice.

How did you find out about your course?

Actually, I was here first as an exchange student for the last two years and I liked NTU – I like the environment, I like the teachers.

I knew I was looking to study business, so at first, I spoke to the NTU representative for Thailand and talked to her about how I didn’t actually have a background in marketing or business, so she recommended this course to me. I read through the module page online and I liked the modules because there is a wide variety. Because I had no knowledge of business before starting my Masters, I wanted something very much on the surface that had a bit of an introduction which means I can dig deep on my own.

How did your agent help you with your application

I think it’s a lot easier for me to use an agent, especially compared to when I came here for my exchange for my Undergraduate programme where I didn’t use an agent. I applied for everything on my own, both the course and the visa, and it took me so long to work out the wording for the visa and trying to work out what documents I had to prepare. I used Westminster International and it’s a lot easier and faster with the help of an agent.

How did you feel when you were awarded a scholarship?

I got the international student scholarship worth £2,000. I was very happy, very excited, and felt very blessed when I found out. NTU said that if you get a scholarship you can get yourself involved in other events and activities exclusive to scholarship winners. So the idea that I can participate in several events actually motivated me to want to get a scholarship.

What is the best bit about the course you are studying?

The best bit about my course is that it is actually very practical. Since the beginning of my course I now have completed 5 modules. The first two assessments were an essay and an exam which helped me with my essay writing and especially English grammar. My third assessment was a poster presentation which was my first time doing that so it was very new to me. The lecturer told me that in the UK a poster presentation is quite common in business meetings, this is really practical and very relevant to the real world. The fourth one is a business meeting assessment, so you’ll sit with a group in a meeting and pitch your own company and consultancy project to the lecturer and to another team, so it’s like a business meeting. The final one is a research project mixed with a social media blog, plus a literature review and internal essays. I feel that every single assessment is very different and they are all very relevant to my future career.

How did you meet people and make friends?

I have a lot of different friends from different groups. NTU has a Welcome Week at the beginning of the year where you can go and try new things, I made a lot of friends from those sessions. I also go to the Global Lounge on Thursdays for free lunch and coffee and tea and I met a lot of people there too. On my course specifically there is a residential trip in the first week where you play games and have fun together, like cycling and rope climbing and you get to know people on this trip. I also have a lot of friends from my community at the church that I go to and also my friends from the community City Life.

What is your favourite thing about Nottingham?

There are a lot of tourist attractions like museums, parks, lakes which are really nice, and it's not too crowded compared to London for example. Nottingham is a student city so there are a lot of young people around and lots of activities and events going on.

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