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Quach Thu Duong


Course studied: MSc Marketing (Advertising & Communications)

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Receiving the Vietnam Scholarship from NTU was a milestone in my life. I've never regretted having chosen NTU.

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Tell us about your time at Nottingham trent University (NTU)

"Receiving the Vietnam Scholarship from (NTU) was a milestone in my life, granting access to the world of professional marketing. I’ve never regretted having chosen NTU for my further education.

I deeply appreciated the way NTU provided so much assistance to international students. Right after I was granted a place at NTU, I received regular newsletters which kept me up to date of important news and upcoming events. I also received dedicated support from an International Development Officer to help find accommodation. NTU even provided a free pick-up service from the airport to Nottingham and arranged a taxi to get me to my accommodation.

What did you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

I decided to do my Masters degree in Marketing (Advertising & Communications) at NTU after a lot of research. The strength of the course was its innovatively designed curriculum. We studied real-world issues and had opportunities to engage with local businesses together with top brands such as IKEA, Volkswagen and Kraft Foods. The material that we worked on was gained from a range of hands-on activities including field trips to stores and manufacturing plants, seminars with marketing managers and specialists, and other experiential learning activities. Overall, the practical approach of the university towards teaching and learning was what I enjoyed the most.

How did NTU help you secure your graduate role? Tell us about your current job

Honestly, it is a dream job that I'm doing, and here is why.

After returning to my home country I was offered a short-term contract job to support marketing and recruitment activities of NTU in Vietnam as an alumna. It was very kind of the university to offer me a lot of flexibility so that I could continue searching and applying for a full-time permanent job in the meanwhile.

It turned out after a few months of the contract that I really enjoyed the job and there was so much room for me to apply what I learnt. I was also given a lot of encouragement and support to implement new initiatives. So the first short-term contract was followed by a second one before I officially started working full-time as NTU's representative for Vietnam. Together with the team I created positive changes and recognised achievements which makes the job even more meaningful to me. The best part of the job is that it gives me opportunities to meet and work with many inspiring people  and travel to different parts of the world which has substantially broadened my horizons and helped me to develop a good attitude both in my personal and professional life.

What advice would you give to prospective students of NTU?

"Look for the best suited, not the best", that's my mantra when it comes to choosing a University or a company to apply for. Suitability, from my experience, plays a huge part in determining how you can make the most out of the experience, enjoy it and develop to your full potential."

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